Welcome to The History of Hops

Welcome to The History of Hops

There are two types of people in this world, those that love beer, and those that just haven’t had the right one. The History of Hops blog is probably better suited to the former, but hopefully the information contained within will help guide a few of the latter souls towards the right beer.20150726_130739

I certainly didn’t fall in love with the first beer I drank. I believe it was a Corona, and I realized that if I stuck a lime down the neck of the bottle, I could sort of enjoy it and also get that nice fuzzy feeling that a few beers can bring. The beer was secondary to the buzz, which worked fine as I navigated my way through college.  

Eventually I moved away from the popular lagers and started trying different styles. Gordon Biersch deserves some credit for that, a variety pack with Marzen, Blonde Bock, Czech-style Pilsner, and a Hefeweizen is a great foundation to start with. Dan Gordon built an impressive brewing operation in San Jose, just down the street from where I went to college. This became the template for the craft beer movement in California. My first tour of the facilities converted me from a casual beer fan to a full on zealot.

I’ve spent the last 15 years visiting every brewery I can, trying as many styles as possible, and bugging brewers about the process. This blog is a space for me to keep track of it all and hopefully share some good information. Enjoy.


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